Timber Wolf model is revealed

In an attempt to hype up the clan packs, PGI revealed probably the most anticipated clan mech of all, the Timber Wolf. The screenshots revealed on forums and Twitter show how the mech turned out. The forum screenshots are poorly taken from low ground in an attempt to make the mech cooler, but Russ' tweets have better angles. Take a look:

It definitely looks different than the IS mechs. It looks somewhat more modern . . . and intimidating. There's also something creepy about those long legs that make me think "NOPE". I wasn't so sure about the artwork, but now I see the whole thing, it's definitely another masterpiece from Alex.

What about gameplay implications? Looks like it will be a Stalker on diet and without the T-Rex arms. The mech should have great survivability when facing the enemy, but vulnerable from sides. The legs are long, but relatively slim. They should be hard to hit when on the move, but long legs usually mean lots of damage taken from LRM's. The arms don't cover anything, which is another con. Then comes the question of whether or not the shoulder pods will have their own hitpoints. If they count as side torsos, then I would worry about the survivability of this mech. If they have their own hitpoints, then this should be an unkillable beast.
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