The Protector, finally ready!

Don't you just like how the Orion, especially the Protector looks? I certainly love how slick and intimidating it is, with flashy colors giving it a dangerous appearance. That's why after getting nerd chills from this magnificent screenshot on the frontpage of, I set out to immortalize it for myself.

I've been working on this on my tablet in my free time for about 40 days now and it's finally up to a quality that I find acceptable. I do occasionally do black&white pencil drawings about stuff I like, but doing it on a tablet was a whole different experience.

I started out by outlining the main lines of the mech in a seperate layer by hand, which made the foundations for the colouring and details. Then I copied that layer and coloured it. Lastly, I made a couple of layers for details like dirt, rust and lightning which took up roughly the half of the time spent on this mech. While doing all this work I couldn't help myself but appreciate the art team of PGI, this mech is full of details that you normally won't notice in mechlab.

I'm really satisfied by how it looks, it looks caricaturized but still has the spirit of the original. As it's my first one, there are obvious errors like uneven details on either side of the mech(right arm has better colouring than the left arm, gauss rifle looking a bit bland and not aligned with the PPC) but it still gives me that warm fuzzy feeling of good mech porn.

What's next? I'm thinking of the Thunderbolt, but I'm also open to suggestions. Just let me know in comments.
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