My top 6 invisible wall spots

One of the side effects of playing with the Battlemaster extensively was the constant encounters of invisible walls. Normally I'm playing with my brawlers and I'm not very bothered by them. But when I'm playing with an extremely poky 'Mech with high mounted hardpoints which require you to carefully measure how much you expose yourself, I suddenly realized there are still some spots with absolutely ridiculous collusion boxes. I thought I'd assemble a small list of my favourite invisible wall spots. Feel free to add your own favorite spots!

Number 1: The top of the platform in HPG

HPG's record holding invisible walls are IS-wide famous
These are the most ridiculous invisible walls in the game. The top is supposed to be an advantageous position for 'Mechs with high hardpoints but the invisible walls surround the top make it impossible to pull off any successful peeks. It's especially worse at the elevated boxy parts. You never know if you're going to actually hit. The invisible walls also force you to show almost half of your 'Mech to actually hit anything, alerting your opponents in the meanwhile.

PGI fixed the collusion boxes of the pillars at the top, but looks like they completely forgot to check the platform itself.

Number 2: Buildings at the top of Crimson platform

Now, this is a pretty tricky position to fight. There's little cover up there, so the only form of trading is by side peeking. There's an exception though. There's a little box on the tunnel side of the platform where you can peek over with taller 'Mechs. It has an awesome line of sight which allows you to shoot at 'Mechs coming up to the platform. Everything's perfect right? 

Well, until you actually shoot and hit this invisible wall. Other than this spot the Crimson has no problems, but this little devil had me raging a few times. 

Number 3: The dreaded Tourmaline Desert crystals

Yep, there's a Catapult there
Another offender
PGI fixed the worst offending walls last year, but there are still plenty of them remaining. Because of this randomness, you never know if you're actually hit the targets visible over the crystals in E6-D5 area. Other than the times I'm desperately shooting at these, I sometimes troll the other team by standing behind some of these spots, seemingly visible to them, but actually hidden behind an invisible wall. 

Number 4: The crashed Dropship parts in Tourmaline Desert

These things are simply infuriating. At a glance, you think you can shoot through the openings in these dropship sections. Wrong. The openings are blocked (not completely though) so it sometimes misleads you into dumping a huge alpha into nothing. 

Don't even think about it
The creepy Cicada gets to live another day thanks to a miracle

Number 5: Sides of the terraces in Viridian Bog

Viridian Bog is mostly free of infuriating invisible walls, but sides of the terraces are unfortunately still infected by this disease. Not as noticable or infuriating, but they're still there. The top of the terraces also still have some invisible walls that block quite a bit.

Deal with it

Number 6: The tunnel in Forest Colony

This is the reason I absolutely hate fighting in the tunnel in Forest Colony. Not only it's really cramped in there, it's also impossible to fight properly because of the massive invisible walls. Teammates blocking me while I'm being being torn apart and not being able to return fire because of the goddamn invisible walls is one of the most rage inducing moments I've had in MWO.

Tunnel, not even once

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