MWO MLG Betty release

So here it is. Don't let your memes be dreams.

If you like this mod, consider donating a couple of bucks for all the coffee wasted and hair lost while I made this.

Update #1 (25.03.2017) 

Finally, here's an update for the MLG Betty sound mod. My original intent was to fix the "weapon jammerino" spam but I felt like adding more stuff and refining it a bit. Sorry for the delay, but it seems like MWO doesn't like the good old Windows .zip files anymore (which made betty lines in game come with a delay) so I had to trouble shoot a bit.

New Stuff

  • Command wheel is now fully voiced by the MLG dude!
  • Removed "weapon jammerino" line, but I got ninja'd by PGI in the meanwhile.
  • Some awesome new lines were added and some annoying lines were removed. More of MLG dude speaking and less of annoying sound effects.
Click the link above, it's updated.



So what is this?

This replaces your Betty voices with some . . . interesting stuff. It'll probably make more sense if you're into dank memes.

Why did you make this?

I randomly came across a World of Tanks video where they showcased an MLG mod and I thought; it is possible to make MWO sound mods as well. Why not have this kind of awesomeness in MWO? After four years I thought it's time the Betty was upgraded with some humor and memes.

To be honest it spices up the gameplay a bit and makes me smile sometimes. I like it.

How did you make this?

Blood,sweat and tears. Tons of guesswork because there's zero documentation. The moment I thought I did it was when I realized it was only the beginning. SERIOUSLY THIS SHIT IS HARD IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING LIKE ME. There's a reason why there are so few sound mods out there.

Are there any improvements over the test video?

Tons. I fixed the Betty's obsession with the potatoes. Then I added more lines for certain actions. So you will have different phrases when you target 'Mechs and such.

Known issues?

Sometimes, some sounds don't play. I think it has something to do with either memory or sound priority or both. It's very random.


I'll try to update it when I find the time. Perhaps different stuff as well.


This is only for funsies. Please don't break Betty mods.


Thanks to Shivaxi and Kornstalx for being kind enough to answer my questions. Without them I'd probably still be pulling out my hair now.
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