A note on Orion hitboxes

I have to admit, the Orion is growing on me. Not because I am nostalgic(they were my favourites in MW3) or they look pretty, but because they are genuinely good.

The hitbox pass made them much more durable, but also very tricky to spread damage. Now instead of CT, the side torsos tend to get damaged. Especially if you're torso twisting. Unlike many other mechs where torso twisting exposes all 3 areas with twisted side getting the bigger share, Orions only expose the ST on the twisted side. This means aggressive twisting or an enemy attacking your from an unexpected angle directs all incoming damage to side torsos. This is good because now the ON sucks in incredible amounts of damage before going down, and bad news because you might prematurely lose your biggest weapons mounted in ST's. Nobody likes to suffer premature "zombification".

Here's an extremely crappy comparison between flat-chested Highlander and the new Orion. The sides of the CT now counts as ST's, which enlarge exposed area of ST's considerably unlike the HGN; who enjoys a balanced distribution. Not to mention bigger arms blocking more damage.

After a week of intensive Protector play, I'm happy to say that I finally got used to this "quirk". It actually plays a bit like the Stalker; your CT/ST distribution frontally is very balanced. You only have to make small side to side movements to control which ST gets damaged or stay centered to take more damage in CT. This allows you to "stay on target" while other traditional brawlers have to unload, twist 60-90 degrees and unload again, making aiming difficult. The arms still don't block much, if any.

I frontloaded most of my armor, especially in sides for more survivability. This means picking your fights carefully so you can engage without exposing your back.

All I can say is give them a try if you haven't yet. The Protector and 1K have been my best and most enjoyable brawlers this month.
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