New Assault is the Banshee

Here it is, the Banshee, filling the 95 ton gap. It has been confirmed by Russ on Twitter. What's notable is quad ballistics in left torso, this is by far the most ballistics slots in an Assault mech.

I'm not sure about that. You can mount 2xUAC5+2xAC2's with plenty of ammo, which is absolutely insane heat-efficient DPS(14.36 DPS without double tap, probably 20+ with double tap). Almost game breaking. It will obliterate anything at close and long range. They're mounted pretty high(at least two) as well.

On the down side, having all your firepower in one torso in a non-JJ, slow assault sentenced to STD engines is also very risky. Still, it has 80 total armor points for ST's which you can frontload 70-10. Though we need to know the hitbox characteristics to comment on this. For example, the Highlander ST's are quite hard to hit despite the giant torso, normally the CT "catches" most of the incoming fire.

I can see all the Jagermech crowd switching to this. Though, does it look underwhelming to you as well? It looks like a giant Kintaro with Griffin arms, none of them particularly good looking.
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