Blast from the past - Heavy Metal trench warfare

I was going through my videos and I realized I didn't post this video on my blog. Considering it's been exactly one year and a lot of things happened since then, it carries a significant nostalgy value.

Imagine a time when the matchmaker didn't care about tonnage, so you could get grossly outtonned. A time when Class I Jump Jet wasn't a dead weight and its thrust scaled well with multiple Jump Jets. When the Highlander wasn't nerfed to the ground; on the contrary, was considered the best Assault. It was a time when SRMs were completely useless and brawling was considered suicide. I brawled anyway.

This is a video from those times. It was a super-hard match with the enemy team outnumbering us 8 to 4 in assaults. Fortunately, the Highlander was strong and I could put up a good fight in the good old trench warfare of Canyon Network. Also notice how the game revolves in C4 area, stalemates in this area was the norm in Canyon Network as opposed to the battle for middle we have right now. It has some annotations which can be annoying if they're not your thing, but I think they made the video more interesting. Anyway, enjoy!

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