Protip: How to take out an Atlas quickly

Do you hate fighting Atlases? Do you feel like they suck in an absurd amount of damage before going down? Do you feel like quickly coring their CT rather than going through LT-RT first? Hear me out.

The Atlas has one of the narrowest CT hitboxes out there. It's what gives it its durability. The sides cover a much bigger area and they naturally suck in most of the damage. This is a good thing because they lose weapons so fast, but also a bad thing because they require a lot of firepower to do so. You may take also out its ballistic torso, but an Atlas can still overpower you with its SRMs or vice-versa.

What I've been doing to core them quicker is actually very simple. Instead of going for ST-RT or just center-mass(which is the most inefficient way to take one out), I just aim for the head. Take a look at this:

The head covers a very large area and counts entirely as CT. Unlike STs, it's also visible from sides too. This method is especially efficient when you have a big alpha. Instead of wasting ~230 damage on its sides plus whatever damage you spread to its arms, you can take it out with just ~170 damage.
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