The Quirkening stream highlights

I absolutely had a blast tonight, I'm still smiling from the sheer joy I've had tonight. Thank you PGI for making so many 'Mechs viable again! This video perfectly describes my feelings.

Anyways, I've had some surprisigly great games in the 'Mechs I've dropped with tonight and I though I'd share these with those who missed the stream. I highly recommend watching the whole VOD for the best experience.

We start with the BNC-3E, which was my first pick. It was already amazingly good with 3xAC5 before, and right now it's even more ridiculous. The amount of heat-efficient damage you can put out is just insane.

Watch live video from Tahribator on Twitch

The second video shows off the TDR-5SS. With 7xMPL this thing is just ridiculous. The TDR-5SS with 7xMPL is just incredible right now. This 'Mech has been pulled from the muddy realms of mediocracy to the throne of awesomeness.

Watch live video from Tahribator on Twitch

The last one is the Huginn, which gets a massive 50% boost to SRM4 cooldown. With the SRM4 cooldown module this adds up to a staggering 62%. This was my first match in it and the results speak for themselves!

Watch live video from Tahribator on Twitch
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