A plea for the Victor's rear CT hitbox

Now that the poptart craze is over, the only thing the Victor is good at is being a fast XL skirmisher or a STD/XL brawler. These roles take a lot of experience/skill/luck to do well with, especially with an 80 ton 'Mech, so this fine piece of machinery is unfortunately mostly absent from the battlefield.

For those who are up to the task of brawling with this 'Mech though, there's one big flaw that makes the Victor quite unenjoyable: its rear CT hitbox. A brawler inevitably takes fire from all directions and the enemies inevitably go for its rear when the opportunity presents itself. In the case of other brawlers, the rear hitbox sizes are relatively equal. This means with some torso twisting, the incoming damage naturally spreads itself.

The Victor is another case. Its rear CT hitbox is a huge rectangular box that protrudes from its torso.It sucks in everything thrown at the Victor and leads to premature deaths in brawls. It's really detracting from the potential of this 'Mech. Take a look at this:

Seriously, shoot its back.
This rear hitbox layout makes this 'Mech so fragile that it's the only 'Mech that I run with 20 rear armor, but it's still not nearly enough.

Now that I'm checking out the Victor again, I just needed to vent a bit and hopefully raise some awareness for this really annoying issue.

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