Mechmasters 1v1 heavy finals

EDIT: Moderate was banned for cheating from MWO and I have to eat my words. I am (and will be) very reluctant to call anyone cheater, but I'll also be very careful on calling someone "probably not cheating" from now on. Shame on her for tainting this scene with her actions.

Today I was watching TheB33f's video of the heavy finals of Mech Masters 1v1 tournament and it was actually a really entertaining watch. Take a look:

I heard about the hints of hackusations against moderate, so this video was interesting to watch. Throughout the video I haven't noticed any "irregularities" of any sorts, her aim was solid but not superhuman. If she used wallhacks or not is probably impossible to tell, but it's not hard to predict if someone is going through the tunnel and experienced players are really good at predicting movement based on a loadout.

First, I think her choice of 'Mech is just spot on. It's both tanky, mobile and packs tons of close-mid range firepower. In case you haven't noticed, it's really hard to target specific components on a TDR. It's a great choice for 1v1.

Heim brings a 2xGauss+2xML build first. In the first match she charges straight-on while Heim tries to get rid of her LT. He takes it down eventually but by that time she's at his face. Heim needs to stare to charge those Gausses and she takes advantage of that to core his CT. Meanwhile, Heim has little back armor and she exploits that to crit his Gauss, which makes it a GG. In the second match she charges again and Heim goes for the legs, but stares at 7xMPLs in the process and quickly gets cored. Quite anti-climactic.

Proton brings the same Gauss/ML build. She goes for the cap which forces Proton to get close. She charges again, going for the Gauss torso. Once she gets really close Proton is forced to play reactively to protect his torsos. At about 6:30 a really weird merry-go-round ensues with Proton waiting for her to waste her alpha on his LT. At 6:35 watch how she dumps 3xMPL, tricking Proton to turn towards her to retaliate and at that second she dumps the second 3xMPL to his Gauss torso, coring it. At that point Proton is screwed as it would only take a single crit to get his Gauss, which happens seconds later. In the second match Proton brings an SPL+ASRM6 build, which is very strong against TDR's with a ridiculous damage output but it's at a range disadvantage. Proton manages to force a close range brawl with a charge from tunnel side. Moderate tries to leg him before he gets close but she's too late when she does that. After that it only takes a few 72 alphas to obliterate the TDR. In the third game Proton brings the Gauss build again (why?!). This time he succeeds in taking down her 3xMPL torso but he's at point-blank range and CT cored at that point and her other torsos are pretty healthy. It only takes one laser swipe for her to finish off Proton.

In the third game the guy just did not pick fights well. He charges two times in a row straight at her and she just rips him apart. He also doesn't time her MPL cooldowns so everytime he shoots her leg, she dumps 42 alpha to his CT dead on.

It was really refreshing to watch this video. Ardai is also an excellent commentator, I hope to see him commentating more matches. There's a lot of mind games going on and it was enjoyable to watch them unfold. We definitely need more of this content.
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