Coming back

I just wanted to let you guys know that I'll be coming back to MWO. It's been a very refreshing break; I learned how to play Dwarf Fortress, I have gotten pretty good at World of Warships and almost completed the long-neglected Fallout: New Vegas. Most importantly, I missed writing; sharing my thoughts in detail and discussing them with you.

MechWarrior finally has some new content I can explore (newly released Wave 3 'Mechs, Grasshopper&Zeus available for C-Bills and so on) which makes me excited to play and explore. I will take it slow this time and try not to come up with intimidating articles, but more frequent and easily digestible ones.

I'm also thinking of moving my website. The Blogger is a very good blogging platform, but it's really restrictive when it comes to making new layouts and making content more appealing. I really want something more flexible with Wordpress being a very good contender. I will need to find a good host and come up with the money for it but I'm sure it'll happen in time.
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I'm an engineer who likes to write extremely long articles about games that border simulation and mainstream.
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