Triton Incident — Part III

". . . LYN network profile: Thunderwolves.

Warning: Only information disclosed to your account level is displayed.
Your clearance level is green.

Thunderwolves is a class R35 (Raider-Periphery-Threat level 5) mercenary unit.

It was grounded by the ex-Blood Hounds veteran Steven Dougal in 3015 in periphery. Before being captured on the Kuritan planet Thule while raiding and executed by beheading, Dougal managed to bring together an impressive array of criminals and ex-military personnel from various places. He was succeeded by who they refer as "The Jackal". There are no previous records of him in the LYN archive.

Despite living as raiders and scavengers, the unit appears to be well funded and boasts a modern array of equipment. The sightings after 3045 especially revealed elite grade equipment. Unconfirmed LYN reports speculate ties to a wealthy Inner Sphere merchant. Some transactions were traced to the New Avalon constellation. Since 3048, their operations seems to have been focused in various planets in the periphery and the unit practically disappeared from the records.

Known equipment of the unit includes:

Battlemechs: 30+
Reported Battlemech types: Raven, Cataphract, Wolfhound, Victor, Battlemaster, Orion
Logistics: Unknown amount of dropships, smaller ships and merchant vessels
Locations: Unknown locations in the rim.
. . ."

Well, shit.

These guys seem to be the perfect example of from rags to riches. Whoever that Jackal is, he seems to have turned the unit from a simple raider unit to something that does the dirty work of the Inner Sphere elite. Probably much more lucrative and has less risk of decapitation too. No wonder the border command sent their elite unit to deal with them. If we manage to capture and interrogate them, the beans they would spill would be priceless for the Lyran politicians.

Still as someone who has to kick their butts, he didn't like what he just read. Military grade equipment, well funded and vanishing from the records for years was not a good combination. Aldith curiously didn't mention any of this in the initial briefing.

Today, they received new orders. The attack would commence on early Saturday morning. Old aerobombers from the colony would be used to blow up the blocked passes and the attack would resume on the ground. Three lances would take the passes while two would be dropped by the leopards practically right on top of them. They just needed a clear satellite view from the jumpship.

This means just one day until the attack. About damn time.

Time to order full diagnostics on the 'Mechs and piss everyone off.
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