Brawler of the mid-week, LPL buff special - the "Pulseboat" Protector

In celebration of the latest Pulse buffs, for all the wub-wub lovers out there, I would like to introduce you to my laser-cutter of choice, the irresistable, the beatable, Kerensky-approved, Pulseboat!

What better mech than a Protector to do this? Decent mobility, very hard to knack, often ignored, arm mounted 2E hardpoints giving you great tracking while high mounted E hardpoint letting you shoot from cover . . . plus it has one of the coolest camos in this game.

Let's see what we've got:

It's a Protector with a 3xLPL's as its main weapons, 20xDHS to keep reign on these beasts, a STD300 engine giving you brawler levels of mobility and an AMS to help you stay alive in these rainy days(thanks for the champion Stalkers PGI). Possible variations include a 21DHS, 33 leg armored cool "leg me bro" version and a 19DHS 2xMG "finisher" version.

The way you play this is very straightforward and like every other brawler Orion. Keep those LPL's grouped seperately as 2xArms and 1xST, which will enable you to heat control efficiently. Avoid fights on uneven grounds as you won't be able to use your arm mounted LPL's effectively. If you absolutely must fight from cover, the torso mounted LPL has you covered. Stagger the LPL groups slightly to avoid ghost heat, while still landing on them on the same spot.

The main advantage of this build is its cooling efficiency. Think of yourself as an endurance-fighter, you let your armor tank the first few alphas of the enemy mech while wearing them down with your constant LPL barrage. After the target inevitably gets shutdown or has to throttle his firepower, you overwhelm him with your continued barrage. The constant 30 pinpoint alphas you get from these LPL's is absolutely devastating, especially against bigger mechs. Though thanks to the short duration of LPL's, you can still be effective against smaller targets.
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