Pro tip: Gauss Rifle+LL

Gauss sucks now right? Well, not so much. Getting used to the charge time can be annoying, but the worst offender for me is the almost non-existent charge up sound. It's very hard to keep track of it in hairy situations and it's probably why I usually leave Gauss Rifle out of my builds.

Anyways, tonight I was pugging with my friends and one of them mentioned how he hated the new Gauss until he found a way to make it work reliably. So what does he do? He groups his Gauss with LL's, in the same group. Let's say, 2LL+Gauss. He keeps his mouse button pressed, fires his LL's and the moment your LL's stop firing, your Gauss is ready. You let go of the mouse button, hitting the guy you just lasered.

This works because the Gauss travels so fast. Obviously at very long range things are different, but until you hit about 800m it works reliably. I tried it on my Heavy Metal and it really was very effective!
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