PGI conspiracy theories

As you're probably well aware, r/mwo is full of bitter people talking about how evil PGI is and how MWO is on the verge of collapse. There was a particularly ridiculous thread yesterday that got my attention and I just couldn't hold myself, here we go:

It was two months after PGI had failed to deliver their promised Clan mechs. Only then it became apparent that White Knights were wrong all along. PGI was a "one trick pony" and was grounded to do only one thing: scam the shit out of Battletech fans with their one final pack, the Clans. 
After Phoenix, Russ started to slowly disband the company: starting by firing the map team. They were not needed anymore. The art team was laid off afterwards, and the renders of supposedly clan mechs were outsourced to China. They were still needed for the ultimate scam.
Then, the date everyone was waiting for has arrived: 17th of June. There were no clan mechs around. Russ apologized on Twitter and said the release was postponed until August 19th. They gave everyone 1 hour of premium time for the inconvenience. Little did the community know that 2 months was all needed for Russ and Brian to apply for a citizenship in Switzerland with their 100 million dollars emptied from PGI's safes. 
On 19th of August, MWO servers stopped working. The website started giving 404 errors, the scam was done. PGI was dead, MWO was dead. 
At that date, VictorMonson stood on his balcony, sipping slowly from his glass of whisky, looking victorious. He was happy, he was right. PGI had proven itself to be literally worse than Hitler. He tried to warn them, but they wouldn't listen. 
An emptiness came afterwards, he didn't have a cause to fight for anymore. His Reddit alts stopped posting, he retreated into himself. 
After a while, a thought came to his mind. There was this game . . . Star Citizen? He started reading more into it, checking out missed deadlines and all those funding records. It looked shady at best. The material looked shiny enough but what if they were made by the same Chinese company Russ had hired before? He had found his purpose again. 
That day, he bought the 10k supporter pack and got a chance for a dinner with Chris Roberts. He wasn't going to let this happen again. No, not again.
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