Status report and a Griffin video

It feels good to be back here in my mancave once again! My freetime was seriously reduced last week because of my work in University and a terrible back pain that I managed get after a day at the gym. Especially that back pain took away all my energy for a solid 4 days.

Anyways, I'm slowly getting back to my normal schedule and I started playing MWO again. I've been eliting out my newly acquired Griffins and my thoughts on them are "Why the hell have I waited so long to get them?!". I know you're used to me saying that, but these mechs are the most efficient close-range facemelters I've ever used in MWO. I will probably do a piece on them sometime midweek.

To give you a sneak-peek of how awesome these mechs are, here's an outtake from one of my matches last night. My 3M wasn't exactly a brawler, but had a common ERPPC+Streaks harasser build. I was playing with random guys(except sperkins, he's a regular there!) on Comstar NA. Anyways, here we go:

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