Paul's Q&A on Impaler's charity stream

Note: Anyone with the full chat log, please contact me. Looks like I missed almost half of his answers.

I was surprised to find Paul Inouye in Impaler's Charity Stream today(still going if you want to participate), answering questions in chat. With the amount of meta wolves lurking around, I had one question in mind:
Tahribator: Are you going to do something about Gauss+PPC combo Paul? Like only two can be fired at the same time? 
Paulinouye: Tahribator: we have something in the works.. but I'm not sure it's the right way to go... Russ and I have been talking about it for a while. 

So there you have it, very vague but at least they seem to be aware of it and they're working on "something".

Edit: Got two more!
Tahribator: One more question Paul, the Raven is known for its slightly larger leg hitboxes. Any chance it may get the Locust treatment? 
Paulinouye: Tahribator: The Raven "nerf" wasn't really a nerf.. it was making the hitboxes align correctly. All light mechs have been buffed with 5% internal health.. we're still watching it and will adjust as needed.

Tahribator: Ah, I almost forgot. When do we get higher tier weapon modules?  
Paulinouye: We'll be adding the clan weapon modules first.. then the next tier for both

Edit 2: So many good questions in chat. Adding every question I see now, silly me, why didn't I do this sooner?

Shignog1: ok new one dont know if its been asked or not, on hgp when are the invis walls going away? 
Paulinouye: Shignog1: Russ has already commented on map adjustments.. it will be a long process as we get artists rolling off of Clans and potentially looking at maps

Megaduceflare: So Paul, out of the current batch of Clammers, which is currently your favorite mech? 
Paulinouye: Megaduceflare: probably the kitfox... but I stick with IS mechs mostly 

Kin3ticx: Paul, do you have any balance passes in the works for underpowered mechs; like Awesomes, Battlemasters, Thunderbolts, Locusts, to name a few 
Paulinouye: Kin3ticx: all mechs are still being scrutinized on their agility settings... the new quirk system is going to let us really ramp up the unique flavors of each mech 

Drfruitsalad: Paul, I know from an ngng interview that the smurfy mechlab is somewhat more difficult to implement than it'd seem. Is it still being worked on? 
Paulinouye: Drfruitsalad: yes it is.. it's high on priority for UI fixes 

Dragonknight82: Paul, why dont u already ban this fckn cheater Proton? LOL —Rak
Paulinouye: Proton doesn't cheat... he's done over 5 billion damage and has taken 2 points of damage.. he's just good. :)  

Shignog1: Paul and word on new achievements in the works by chance? 
Paulinouye: Shignog1: not at the moment... a lot are planned.. just not in the works quite yet. 

Kojindan: oh! Paul, while you're here... can we get 'default launch modules' as a build/ui option. It'll allow us to switch mechs for quicker queue times more readilly without having to swap and search for modules  
Paulinouye: Kojindan: there's something that is entering test that will address your concerns 

Kin3ticx: Hey paul, I know the C/ER PPC deals splash damage but what are your thoughts on the 3.75 DPS vs the 2.5 DPS on the IS counterpart? 
Paulinouye: Kin3ticx: that's part of the flavor of Clans.. they need their unique feel... we just took them down a notch and made more of their damage splash rather than pin point to allow them to keep their range/tonage/size power 

Stevierayvaughan61: Paul, my last question, New paint patterns on Clanners soon? 
Paulinouye: Stevierayvaughan: again.. that's an art dept question.

Megaduceflare: But Paul, I thought by virtue of the fact that you work at PGI, that you should know everything about everything  
Paulinouye: Megaduceflare: according to that train of thought.. I've been accused of being responsible for things I've never heard of. 

Fenixk17: Paul, question on the Nova's cockpit, what is that ring near the center of panels? It looks like a tiny cup holder, is it? 
Paulinouye: Fenixk17: dunno.. you can ask Dennis on the forums 

Z0eff: paulinouye, any chance we'll get auto-switching modules? perhaps with a caveat that the mech that currently has the one you have configured for another mech has to be out of a game? 
Paulinouye: Z0eff: I can't comment completely but something is about to enter testing that addresses modules 

Drfruitsalad: is there an ETA for quirks yet?  
Paulinouye: Quirk system is already in game... Dave B is working on what they should be for the various Mechs

Shignog1: then er lrg lassers will go 3k then?  
Paulinouye: Shignog1: No.. that would be rediculous. ER LL will be shooting through solid objects and do full damage to anything it hits        —Rak

Darkshadezx: So it's about to finish testing Paul? 
Paulinouye: Darkshadezx: Dunno... that falls into tech development... nothing to do with design... Matt C is our tech director. 

"Paulinouye: I want to be able to squirt coolant and write my name in the snow"

Paulinouye: You should know I'm getting tired and my answers are going more wonky and trollish 

Megaduceflare: So Paul, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?  
Paulinouye: Mega: A woodchuck would chuck all wood if the woodchuck could chuck woood

Jagerxii: Paul: Why so many mech skins but no pilot skins for MC yet?! 
Paulinouye: Jagerxii: We're waiting to get dresses and capes first      yep, he's getting trollish now—Rak

Paulinouye: Well it's 2:39am... and I'm getting loopy... I should leave before I say something that haunts me later 
Paulinouye: later folks.... have fun... great job Impy 
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