The new solo queue

Today, my laptop let me play for an hour and oh boy I was excited like a 5-years old opening presents. Even though I haven't been playing for only four days, it felt like I haven't played since months.

I think the new matchmaker has a part in that too. Seriously, what happened to it? In about ten drops I did, both my team and enemy team were full of beginners and people who had no idea about builds and positioning. I killed Atlases who just leeroyed into our team all by themselves. I fought enemy groups who refused to move in a brawl, just parked somewhere and tried to "brawl" me in a stationary position. I killed 2-Flamer Spiders. I'm not trying to brag at all, but it felt like there were only 2-3 people in each team that actually had some idea about what the hell was going on. I've only seen three known faces; painsucker, stefchy and speed is life. That's it. Interestingly, about half of the matches I played were straight stomps but the other half was actually pretty close. This was usually the case when both teams had a few guys "carrying" for their teams though.

Now, the previous matchmaker wasn't perfect either. It was full of premades, meta lances, tryhards, stomps and some beginners peppered in here and there. . . but at least it also had MechWarriors with decent amount of experience and competence at this game. I didn't feel like "Shit, I have to play my best to make up for our flamer Atlas", I could trust the rest of my team to make decent positioning and build choices. Unbelievable but, they even read the chat, shared scouting information and contributed to our tactics. Yes, it was rough and annoying, but it was also challenging. All it needed was some kind of premade balancing and class matching, that's what I hoped 4x3 would bring.

It's really unfortunate. Now, we have weight and class matching, but in order to have that, stricter Elo matching had to be sacrificed. I keep hearing that the group queue is really brutal now, so looks like I will have to group up when I actually want to be challenged.
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