'Mech Weak Spots Guide (single piece)

I always planned to combine the "How to kill 'Mechs efficiently" serie into a one monstrous article as I set upon writing them. In doing so, I upped the eye candy considerably while fixing some formatting issues. Right now there are two versions:

  • For those who want to have it right here right now, it's available as a PDF download. The link will take you to my Microsoft OneCloud drive where you'll have the option to read it or download it. This version has the latest corrections and has quite the eye candy.
  • It's also available as a page on my blog. The link is in the menu bar under the blog description. This doesn't have the little corrections.
I'm really happy with how this turned out and I hope people will find it useful. From now on I will focus on smaller articles and opinion pieces for a while to prevent a possible burn out (this took quite a lot of time to finish!).

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