Technical Difficulties

There hasn't been much activity here on Rak's Armory for the  last few days because certain parts of my laptop keyboard spontaneously decided to die. The ASDF row is completely unresponsive. I know these things are made to break after a certain period of use, but I wasn't expecting it this soon (only one year into my purchase). Since it's my only computer at the moment, I was suddenly left with just mouse and a virtual keyboard on screen which made using a PC extremely frustrating and tedious. On top of that the last Saturday was a religious holiday in Germany which condemned me to 3 days of sillyness.

Anyway today I went out and bought an external keyboard so I'm back on track again. Next up I'm going to be wrapping up the "How to kill 'Mechs efficiently" series.
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I'm an engineer who likes to write extremely long articles about games that border simulation and mainstream.
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