Rak's Comments — Summoner vs Grasshopper vs Quickdraw

MechWarrior ABFalcon on the forums asked some advice to decide between these three. As a lover of all three, I had to chime in.

The Summoner as someone else said, is a great poptart. It can rack up good damage with the ERPPC+Gauss build and will quickly disarm and cripple opponents with good aim. The Summoner is also the tankiest of them all, it will tank a stupid amount of damage with little effort before going down. The downside to the Summoner is that it struggles to put out damage, due to how its hardpoints are laid out and low free tonnage. You can only have 4 laser hardpoints and they are located in your arms which hang pretty low. The arms also tend to tank a lot of damage and you'll lose them halfway into the battle more often than not. Dual UAC5+4xSL and UAC20+4xML builds get a honorable mention from me as brawlers, other than the classic SRM6/SSRM6 boating builds which are also situationally effective. Overall, it's stupid mobile and tanky, but you'll have problems with the weaponry a lot.

The Grasshopper is the obvious choice here (you can read my review and builds article). Its main attraction is its amazing firepower with IS lasers. Especially MPL and ML/LPL combos are very effective when utilized in a side-peeker configuration. It's decently mobile (feels significantly heavier than the Summoner though) and tanks well once you get a feeling for the hitboxes (again, nowhere near tanky as the Summoner). Despite all being energy boats, each variant is distinct and will let you fiddle. I'd go with a Grasshopper personally.

The Quickdraw is a trainwreck in terms of survivability. It has good hardpoints and some amazing quirks, but it's grossly overscaled. So while you find that you can do good damage when you don't get focused much, as soon as you take damage you'll start popping components very quickly. The 5K is a "quirk beauty" and will do well in the public queue and CW. The 4H gets a hoborable mention from me as a fast skirmisher. It can be really devastating when you catch something 1v1. 
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