The Orion — "Balls or amazeballs"?

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You know I love the Orion. Yes, it's a hardmode 'Mech but it's nowhere near as bad as people claim it to be. There is just a very steep learning curve at the beginning where you learn to cope with its mobility, hitboxes and builds. Once you get past that, this thing is a great brawler. It'll teach you a lot about essential brawling skills, skills you'll have a hard time acquiring using something meta.

With all those meta tier lists floating around though, there's a lot of prejudice for the 'Mech. A thread from Reddit yesterday is the perfect evidence for this. Somebody made a thread inquiring about the viability of the thing. It was immediately filled with people who have never ever touched an Orion not suggesting it, which made me sad. Some sane posts got heavily downvoted, including mine.

Someone even replied to me with "Orion is only good for learning how to lose and die". It made me sad. It was a perfect example of ignorance in action. Yesterday night I decided to pick up my Orions again and stream their gameplay in the solo queue and I did great. You can argue that I got easy matches and silly opponents, but I don't think you can argue that I got 5 easy matches in a row. Here are my results:
  • First match in ON-1K brawler: 758 damage no kills. Average.
  • Second match in ON-1V brawler: 538 damage 3 kills. Not bad.
  • Third match in ON-1V brawler: 5 kills 964 damage. Pretty good for an Orion.
  • Fourth match in ON-1P mid-range DPS: 386 damage. Massive push by the enemy, team got streamrolled.
  • Fifth match in ON-1P brawler: 4 kills 649 damage. Decent.

Watch them all at:

And here's the 964 damage match on YouTube:

TL;DR: Don't judge 'Mechs by what others are saying. Try it yourself first.
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