The importance of attitude

Yesterday was a nice day with a clear, blue sky and the sun was giving a nice warmth after a long period of dark and cold weather. It was the perfect opportunity to take a walk at the nearby park and just feel alive. Anyway as I was returning, I took the longer route which took me to a sports complex on the way. In one of the football fields there were little kids playing a match in uniform with their coaches and parents shouting excitedly. I decided to stop by and watch for a while as the little kids and their coaches were giving their best to beat each other.

One of the teams was wearing red uniforms while the other one was wearing blue. At a first glance, it seemed like the red team was the dominant one as they seemed to have better individual players. They were constantly on the attack but somehow always botched their attack at the last moment. Their coach was getting visibly frustrated as he kept huffing and puffing. The blue team on the other hand seemed to have better cohesion and teamwork. Their coach was very vocal, but it was more of an encouraging roar and an occasional order.

As the match went on the red team kept making more mistakes and the coach simply broke down. Instead of putting his team in the right path and motivate them, he simply started focusing on the negative stuff. "What are you doing back there guys?!", "Oh come on people, how did this happen?", "How do you miss that?" and such. Blue team coach on the other hand was more positive and encouraging. After a few minutes the blue team was already getting into good positions and they eventually scored. I decided to continue walking back home at that point.

This got me thinking, as a leader or part of a team you shouldn't be focusing on negative stuff. Pointing how your team is doing something wrong over and over does not fix the issue or make the situation better. Instead you should focus on what they're doing well or what they can do better. By doing the former all you're doing is projecting your own frustration on your team. If you be positive instead and reinforce good behavior, other people will try to imitate it because as much as being scorned hurts, being patted in the back is also equally pleasuring.

I'm posting this here because this behaviour is very common in the gaming scene. Negativity breeds negativity and positivity breeds positivity.
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