My initial Marauder builds

As I've discussed in the previous article, the Marauder is a tricky beast to build for. I personally like to fill most of the hardpoints to get the most of the each chassis, but this is not always possible with the Marauder. Since it's also more of a DPS oriented 'Mech rather than huge alphas, you also need to make sure you have good heat efficiency as well. Mobility is also a concern, as with 75 tonners speed with smaller engines start to become a big problem.

Anyway, I've come up with a few favorites so far. Let's take a look:


The MAD-3R is an interesting 'Mech. It comes with 3xB on the right torso and 2x2E distributed to each arm. It however, is the only MAD without jump jets. Honestly, compared to the others it looks pretty bad on paper aside from a few gimmicky builds (3xAC5 and AC2 combos). BUT what makes it special is those amazing PPC quirks. +50% PPC speed and -10% heat reduction makes PPCs a must on this thing.


This is a Misery-lite build and it honestly works OK if you like that kind of peeky-poky kind of gameplay. You have 40 alpha, which is great but AC20 is only usable out to 300 meters or so due to projectile speed. However, the PPCs are very effective out to 600-800m or so. Make sure you use that shield side well.

I only briefly tested this, but it performed decently in the meanwhile. Find opponents with open components and just tear them apart. Not much else to say.

Despite being XL, this is by far my favorite build. PPC+AC10 combo works extremely well and you can hit stuff reliably out to 500m meters or so. At close ranges, you can switch to the AC10+2xML combo and can fight back while cooling down. Just make sure you have some distance between you and your opponents to control how you take damage.


5D is the energy and missile focused variant. You have 4 energy hardpoints on your arms, one energy hardpoint in your right torso and two missile hardpoints on your left torso. To be honest, having only one high mounted energy sucks, considering the other variants get 1-3 ballistics up there. If it was 2-3, then this would have been an amazing 'Mech. 

This my initial build which I stuck with while eliting, This is pretty much the best you can do on this thing while using all hardpoints with a STD engine (you can drop some heatsinks and get Ferro for a STD330) and it works decently. Not amazing, but it was enough to elite it.


This is the 3R married to a 5D. It has 2xB on the right torso and 2xE+3xE (RA-LA). It's pretty much a slightly different mini-Bounty Hunter in that respect. Honestly, I haven't found something I liked for this thing yet. It's probably because I haven't played with this much at all.

This is kind of underwhelming. Even though you have the armor, heat efficiency and some kind of mobility; its range is just too short so you end up getting outtraded. Still, it's pretty effective when you catch something at close range.

UAC5s give you the long reach, but then you sacrifice heat efficiency to do that. The jams hurt it a lot though. If this variant had that sweet -30% UAC5 jam reduction, it'd have been just perfect.

This is an interesting laser vomit. We use the AC10's ammo efficiency with hard-hitting laser alpha. 3xJJs make sure you can spread damage easily and get to perches. This is a pretty effective build once you master the hitboxes.

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