The Battle of Tukayyid 2

I don't normally post about news, but Battle of Tukayyid events are not a joke. This is when people stop playing in the solo/group queue and start enjoying lots and lots of instant CW action. If you're in a unit, there's even the chance of achieving a place on leaderboards. Of course, there are rewards for personal and unit achievements as well.

The last time this event happened (I think back in May), I almost OD'd on CW and MechWarrior which eventually resulted in me taking a break for over a month. Why? It's because these events need a huge time investment. You have to consider that each CW match takes about 20 minutes on average and if you're on the crowded side then you have to wait 5-10 minutes to get into a match at all. Considering you need 40 points to get all of the personal challenge rewards that's at least 17 hours of gameplay time over 3 days. Much more if you get unlucky with the queues. The previous event needed even more time.

Edit: They changed the rewards system from a "collect points and 1 point per match" type to "accumulate match score" type. You can finish the whole event in 4-5 good matches now. Good news!

That's just me though, if CW is your thing you'll have a great time for sure! Just make sure you pick your faction wisely. During these events IS tends to be overpopulated, so switching to a Clan faction might save you a lot of waiting and frustration.

I'm sure PGI will also gather a lot of Clan vs IS statistics post-rebalance as well.

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