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Some of you are probably wondering why I went into radio silence, just as the community was being taken over by the Steam release hype. Indeed, I haven't been able to keep myself up-to-date with MWO things, let alone produce content over the last two weeks.

The reason for this is that I had to travel back to my home country on short notice due to new developments concerning my father's health. He's been battling cancer for the past two years, but a man can only take chemo treatment after chemo treatment for so long and continue functioning normally. I won't bum you out with further details, I'm just letting you know that this is what I'm dealing with right now. It sucks, but that's what I have to go through. I'll be with him as long as he keeps fighting.

Though between running errands and waiting at the hospital, I get to do some creative things to let off some steam. You'll probably see a 'Mech artwork here and a story there, but content concerning gameplay is going to be very scarce.

From what I've read today, the Steam release has been a success so far with currently about 3000+ concurrent players on Steam. I hope you guys are treating the new players well and hopefully the renewed public interest and better revenues will keep PGI supporting the game for many years.
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