MWO war correspondent — Reports from the frontlines part I

The Inner Sphere is a space engulfed in war and destruction. However the humble citizens of our houses living far away from the conflict zones, do not always appreciate how it actually is to be at the frontlines.

In order to raise awareness for thousands of 'MechWarriors fighting for their security and wealth, we as Rak's Armory decided to do our part. We've sourced a couple of Commando type 25T 'Mechs, equipped them with advanced photography optics and sent them along with units and mercenaries to the battlezones to bring their story.

These 'Mechs are clearly marked as PRESS both visually and in IFF. According to the treaties of war they should be considered neutrals. However, we're sad to report that these 'Mechs were usually shot upon without discrimination.

Without further ado, let's listen to their stories:

Battle rages on Septimus II

Embedded with a Clanner mercenary unit, our correspondent dropped to the hot conflict zone of the Septimus II, a mineral rich volcanic planet that has been the battleground between two periphery tribes.

The Executioner type Assault 'Mech formed was the pride of the group.

The group was led by J.C Howard, who used a salvaged Thunderbolt type 'Mech. 15 killmarks decorate its exterior while the 'Mech clearly shows battle wounds.
An Orion MK IIC advanced heavy 'Mech formed the spearhead of the group.
Sloped terrain of the operation area posed no difficulties for the advanced Clan 'Mechs.
Enemy contact!
The Orion comes under heavy fire as the contact with the enemy is established.
Everybody holds their breath as the Executioner is also hit with a Gauss round. However the pilot reported no major damage this time.
Risking his life, our correspondent catches a glimpse of the enemy fireline. A super heavy King Crab and a salvaged Clan Night Gyr is visible. Note the Rifleman in the background, seemingly changing position.
The situation gets dire: The Executioner reports massive damage to its armor. The whole operation is in danger.
As the Clanner line is wavering, the enemy King Crab and Night Gyr presses the advantage!
This Night Gyr comes under fire as it examines our correspondent's 'Mech.
Ambush! The whole group rallies to respond to this new threat coming from behind. Massive LRM exchange ensues.
The gigantic Highlander IIC reels under combined firepower of the group and slides back into cover.
The result of the battle was inconclusive. Fearing a costly battle after massive damage to their expensive Assault 'Mechs, both sides disengaged shortly after.

(more like we got steamrolled, lul)

Operation Shattered Crystal

The natural wonders of the planet Albiero II are now under threat as Clan Ghost Bear turns to brute force after negotiations with the Draconis Combine comes to a halt.

This Mauler type heavy assault 'Mech pilot by a mercenary accompanied the invading Ghost Bear party. A mercenary operating for the CGB can hope to earn up to 200.000 CBills per operation.
A Battlemaster comes out of nowhere and charges into the group! Hectic comms ensue with calls for backup.
A massive Kodiak takes the challenge and charges in! A terrifying roar can be heard blasting from its external speakers. It takes off the BLR's side torso with a powerful swipe of its claws and finishes it off with terrible ultra autocannon blast.
A Draconis Rifleman goes limp  as it is pierced by an ERPPC blast.
A merc Shadowcat challenges the Kodiak. It proves too fast for the massive Kodiak to handle.
However a Stormcrow rushes in for the rescue: the threat is promptly removed.
This operation was an easy victory for the CGB forces, but Draconis Combine still operates a sizable force in the area. CGB leadership reckons it'll take months of fighting to isolate and destroy them. However despite the cost, access to abundant Bismuth deposits remains high on the War Council's agenda.

Battle for the Iron Bay

New India's Iron Bay was also the scene of brutal fights against Steiner forces and rebels from periphery.

A Steiner super assault Atlas is seen making its way to the frontlines.  Note the Angel symbol on its arm and shoulder, which indicates it belongs to the 21st TCA Corps.
A local garrison Summoner is seen making its way towards the enemy. It caused much damage to its surroundings as it made its way up to the dock storage.

Contact! The Summoner pilot reports good hits on an enemy Zeus.

It takes cover behind a dock crane as its weapons finish their cycle.
A Grasshopper belonging to segment C scans for targets.

A Steiner Awesome is seen in the dock area . . .

. . . and the enemy Zeus taken under massive LRM fire. It quickly died after a spectacular explosion. Confusion takes over the rebel lines in face of the superior Steiner firepower.

A rebel Rifleman suffers the same fate.
Steiner forces landed a swift victory over the rebels during this operation.

Stay tuned for the second part as reports come in!
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