Reports from the frontlines part II

Heavy city fighting on Port Moseby

Port Moseby, the former economic power house of the Lyran Commonwealth, was the scene of heavy fighting last week. Aftering suffering bitter losses in the open plains surrounding the wealthy city, Third Royal Guards of the Federated Commonwealth chose to fall back to the city. The invading Lyran Arcturian Guards are pushing hard to liberate their ancient city, which sits in a strategic economic crossroad.

A Lyran 50T class Hunchback is seen sprinting towards the city as the operation gets on its way. These new "Grid Iron" type Hunchbacks are now a common sight in the Inner Sphere as the manufacturer made major deals with 5 major houses.

A Lyran Stalker is seen lumbering in the outskirts of Port Moseby. Civilians were seen cheering from windows as the liberators set foot on the ancient city. Note the traditional green Lyran camo.

Marauders in low visibility camouflages formed the first line of offense. Still no sign of the defenders. Calls for vigilance are heard on comms.

Massive autocannons start spitting fire as the first contact is made.

Both sides make heavy use of Clan tech as the arms race accelerates in the wake of the Clan invasion. Here, a Highlander IIC of the Arcturian Guards is seen.

Lyran forces take cover as Steiner begins an LRM barrage, marking the beginning of a counter-attack.

A Dire Wolf belonging to Capt. James Keen is moving towards the battle as Lyrans put their reserves in action.

We encounter a defender BattleMech which engages our corresspondent's 'Mech in an indiscriminate action.

Capt, Keen immediately intervened and saved our correspondent.

Another killmark for superficial damage.

The urban combat also saw heavy use of light 'Mechs on both sides as mobility and reconnaisance gained importance.

Uncontrollable fires raged in the city as the fighting intensified.

A defender is seen moving through heavy Lyran artillery barrage.

Steiner forces also move forth their reserves and the battle rages at close range.

This is the last shot of the black Marauder seen in the previous photos. Unfortunately the pilot drowned after the 'Mech suffered a reactor breach.

The loss of the Marauder intensifies emotions on the Lyran side as a Hunchback lurches forward to take its place.

Unfortunately the Kodiak claims another victim. Calls for focus fire is heard on the Lyran comms.

Kodiak down! Cheers can be heard on radio as Capt. Keen's Dire Wolf arrives just in time and proves a match for the Steiner Kodiak. 
With the last defender 'Mechs put out of action, the Lyran forces began an intensive infantry sweep of the city. As the Lyran command wants the city intact, pockets of resistance have to be neutralized by bitter close range combat without the use of heavy weaponry.

Mercenaries infight on Huntington

In a peculiar turn of events, a mercenary corporation was split in two bitterly opposed factions as the management could not agree on pay with its union pilots. As the talks broke down, calls for brute force took over cool heads. As the disgruntled mercenaries called for action, civilians were seen fleeing the city.

A union Centurion is seen heading towards the headquarters.

To ensure victory the union even broke into the Merc. depot and activated this Atlas for the fight.

Colorful camouflage patters are common in mercenary units. Here, a Catapult is seen.

Another Grid Iron is seen.

The battle is joined with the management forces.

Even the skies were full of fury. Note the use of flamers by the management forces, which is forbidden in urban use by war regulations.

A management Centurion is under attack by union pilot Anna Flessner, which is said to be "an absolute pest" with the 'Mech.

The Centurion can not keep up and suffers an armor breach from the rear. Union mercs cheer on comms as the last defender falls down.

The mood quickly changes as distant rumbling is heard. Unknown forces approach the city.

This Wolfhound makes quick work of Anna's Locust as it suffers a broken leg. Unknown forces reveal themselves as a rival mercenary corp taking advantage of the infighting.

This is the last image transmitted from our press Commando as it's brutally murdered after refusing to hand over the images to the rival corporation.

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