Weekly build dump #1

I spend an obscene amount of time in the Mechlab. Then I take out those 'Mechs to see if they're any good. If they're good, I get bored and move on. That's pretty much how I play this game. Coincidentally I play the most with the 'Mechs that trouble me the most in achieving that "boredom".

Anyway, I realized that I don't document the builds I've been experimenting with other than the occsaional YouTube video involving them. So I decided to put them on the blog in case people are interested. Be aware you will not find any dual Gauss dual ERPPC builds here, if you're into no fuss MWO experience, you know where to find those builds. These are for tinkerers like me!

Murderous MG Kitfox

People suggested me to try MG Kitfox on stream yesterday and holy smokes, this thing is amazing! It runs 3xMPLs without breaking a sweat and 4xMGs absolutely wreck at close range. MGs feel really punchy after the buff, probably because you get a 20% MG ROF bonus with these omnipods. I had two 1k matches in a row in this!

Ranged Protector

I came up with this when I decided to emrace that Gauss cooldown quirk and make a mid range build instead of a full-on brawler like the rest of the Orions. The trick to this build is keeping range and just keep shooting as much as you can. By keeping range I don't mean playing timid, just don't be the first guy around the corner when the enemy pushes. Gauss+XL combo is pretty risky, but having a 84 KPH speed pays off well in disengaging as well. 

Pirates' Bane

Pretty obvious build, but if you have a Pirates' Bane and if you haven't tried this build, you're missing out so much. Again, I've had so many 1k+ matches in this. It's amazing how much damage you can put out with only 4xMLs.

Snipy Arrow

It feels counter-productive to have a snipy build on a MG 'Mech, but it actually makes so much sense. Basically you sit back with ERLLs and harass the enemy during the initial stages of the match and then when everyone's battered and running with a few open components, you close in and use those MGs. You just need to resist the urge to rush in and use those MGs early on.

The Arrow gets a -20% laser duration reduction as well, so those ERLLs feel really really good and punchy. 

The AC20 Victor

This is my good ol' trusty AC20 Victor build. In case you didn't know, the recent patch added a lot of extra armor on the Victor so it brawls much better than before. Takes a good chunk of experience to do it right though. You really need to work that speed and jump jets!

Douchebag Wolfhound

The recent patch also added a bit extra armor to the WLF. It's still a ridiculously huge target, so it makes sense to play a ranged build. Thankfully the WLF-1 has an extra ERLL heat quirk, so maybe we can build around it?

I initially tried a 3xERLL build but it's just scorching hot on the WLF-1. I think this is the next logical step; 2xERLL for long range douchebaggery and 3xMLs for added close range punch. Honestly don't expect to do well in short matches, but if you get a match that lasts longer than 5 mins you may be able to farm 1k damage. Still, I averaged about 700 in my last 3 matches so it's decent.

Worth a shot if you have the Resistance WLF-1 like me.

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