There's a storm a-brewin'!

It's been a week since I set off on a quest to raise funds for a clan mech and I said I'd consider the situation after a week. Well, that time has come. First of all, thank you Johann, Ahernar and Dascyllus for donating! Your support has just made a whole new set of articles possible. I hope you'll enjoy what's in the cooker.

Secondly, it's been almost five days since the last donation. It's obvious I'm not going to get enough for a Masakari Pack, but thanks to your support I gathered enough for a Nova Pack or a single A-la-carte mech. After some consideration, I decided against the Nova Pack. It's a better bargain with 2 mechs and 6 mechbays, but Kitfox and Nova are hardly capable of giving a complete glimpse of the world of the Clan mechs. Nova seems like a one-trick pony, not a great platform for trying out different playstyles. Kitfox is alright, but clan lights are battling for relevancy on the battlefield right now.

What I need is a flexible mech, capable of easily mounting any Clan weapon with decent mobility. I think you know the answer. Today, I went ahead an bought this bad mean boy:

I played a few rounds with it and it's been a blast so far. Clan mechs are definitely more capable than I thought. Expect a few articles this weekend and next week!

Until then, here's my first hour and a half with this baby. It starts out slowly, but ends with a bang.

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