Outsmarted by a zombie Summoner

I was surprised to find this thread on Reddit when I woke up today. 
Sorry Tahribator :(
I'm in my SMN prime, and all of us are trading shots from cover for most of the match, until attrition takes it's toll. I exhaust all my gauss slugs, take a few people down, and then eventually lose my right torso and thus the PPC. I was suddenly glad I had thrown those 2 smalls in my left arm for some knife fighting, so I managed to take down a hurting timberwolf before I lost my other arm, and brought it down to me and a raven, vs a chopped up Timberwolf (Tahribator), and a likewise, half-a-man stalker.

At this point, I'm effectively disarmed, so I do the only thing I can do: Get in Tahribator's face. Like, REALLY in his face. I was so close I could see his beady little eyes, and I smashed him into a corner. It took me a moment to realize that it was actually working, and you can see him frantically moving around, as his vision is being blocked by the Helipad above. He finally turns on me and starts firing, and I continue jumpjetting into him and blocking his escape until the raven cores him out from the rear and kills his engine. The stalker at this point is in the same boat as I, but without a trusty raven left over to end me.
And here's the mentioned scene from his video:

and my account of the events:
That was a brilliant move indeed. I was on TS with Battlebunny and everybody was impressed. I had a good laugh after that, outsmarted by a zombie Summoner!

Before the engagement, half of my Timber Wolf was missing with red CT and all I had was my C-UAC5 and a single useless LRM10 thanks to that Raven. I was looking for a chance to engage him since he was more than capable of bringing both me and the Stalker down. After our other Timber Wolf got impatient and was murdered by you and the Raven, the Stalker started heading that way too and the Raven jumped on him that time. That's when I went in, trying to leg him before he noticed my dying Timber Wolf.

I didn't know what the other mech on the enemy team was, but I was happy to see your damaged Summoner limping into the combat. I started ignoring you the moment your arm was stripped . At first I didn't realize that I was completely stuck and tried to jump down, but then I noticed you continuing to hump me with your jumpjets. I thought "Well, so be it, give me the kill and set me free!" and started shooting your cherry red CT, but even after repeated UAC5 bursts your Summoner refused to go down. Props to that Raven for quickly noticing that I was stuck and switching to me from the dying Stalker. He really did an amazing job that game.

I'll keep an eye on sneaky zombie mechs from now on, a lesson learned the hard way. I also loved to read your account too. These little mind-games on the battlefield are incredibly satisfying.
Morale of the day, watch out for those evil blocking zombie mechs!
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