The Timber Wolf . . .

. . . why is it so good? It is pretty much my dream 'Mech, minus the huge side profile which helps in certain situations. I feel like I won't ever need to touch my remaining 80 'Mechs again. It can do pretty much anything on par, if not better than my IS 'Mechs and does it with the armor of a 75 tonner and at a speed of 90KPH.

I just wanted to share this, I'm in complete awe of this mech. PGI did an excellent job of bringing the character of this mech into MWO.

I'm about to elite my last TBR, the C and it keeps giving me more as I learn it's quirks and characteristics. I'm regularly pulling rounds like these and for the first time ever in MWO, I'm not afraid of engaging anything. Dire Wolves? Outmaneuver, use their sluggishness against them and pop the CT. Poptarts? Use the speed, easily tank their alphas and blast their faces. Dual Gauss? They're lucky if they can pull of a shot before I start digging into their sides. LRM boats? Speed and Radar Deprivation takes care of them. The only mechs I think twice before engaging are poptart Timber Wolves.
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