Public test for Clan content today!

Are you on the fence about Clan mechs? Maybe you just can't wait to get a glimpse of the full-scale invasion next week, or you just want to see how these mechs fare against your current IS mechs. Then you really should get on the PTS server and join the carnage today.

PGI, in probably the best marketing move for Clans so far, has announced that they're going to be updating the PTS client with the Clan pack and letting it run 12 hours uninterrupted. The caveat is that you can only the use the Clan mechs you actually paid for, otherwise you can only fight against them. You can find the details by clicking on the image below:

This is a great chance to get a feeling of the Clan mechs and their impact on the game. Even though I don't own one(being a poor College student), I will be participating with my best mechs to compare them against the Clan equipment.
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