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I spent 10 minutes trying to do this in paint. Gaze at its magnificence.
What happened last week? What's going to happen next week? The Sunday paper delivers!

The Grasshopper and the Zeus

They're so pretty!
The Resistance pack releases are continuing . On the March 17th we're getting the last two of the Resistance pack 'Mechs, the Grasshoper and the Zeus. PGI has slowly been releasing info about these 'Mechs in the last two weeks. 

First, we got to see these 'Mechs and check out their quirks on the 6th of March. To me, the Grasshopper looks absolutely amazing. The Zeus is also attractive, but in a "so ugly that it looks cool" Banshee way. The quirks disappointed many people because they're very mild quirks, but I take them as PGI is expecting these 'Mechs to do well right out of the gate. One striking thing about these quirks is the ridiculous amount of extra armor added to these 'Mechs. The Zeus gets a whopping +17 armor to its torsos and legs, while the Grasshopper's legs and arms are being reinforced with +11 armor. 

On Friday we actually got to see these 'Mechs in action and we also got some information about their scale. The Zeus animation is one of the smoothest ones so far just like the King Crab's animations. The Zeus is also the first 80 ton 'Mech that seems to be scaled correctly, when layered on top of each other, the Zeus only occupies the torso area of the Victor. Coupled with all that extra armor, this 'Mech is going to be one of the toughest nuts to crack on the battlefield.

The Grasshopper's animation is a bit stiffer, but still not as bad as the Quickdraw's animations. What upset most people was the sheer height of this 'Mech, it seems to rival even the tallest Assaults in height, easily dwarfing the Summoner (which can be considered big for its weight). This led to the usual DOA threads on the forums and many interesting threads comparing the scaling of these 'Mechs. 

Here's a few of my favorite screenshots from El Bandito's scale comparison thread:

The Awesome continues to be ridiculed by every new 80t release
10/10 would scale again
The Grasshopper trades height for being slimmer compared to the Cataphract

The March 17th Patch

Next week is going to be an exciting one. Not only we're getting the rest of the Resistance 'Mechs but there's going to be a new map too. The map is going to be based on the HPG assets and resembles the home planet of the Transformers to me. The complete list of what we're going to get (what we know so far):
  • New map
  • The Grasshopper and the Zeus for the pack owners
  • Clan skin content for those 'Mechs which don't have them
  • A quirk pass for 4 IS and 4 Clan 'Mechs. Clan 'Mechs are confirmed to be the Adder, Nova, Summoner and the Kitfox. So far we only know that the Highlander will get a quirk pass on the IS side.

Pot of Gold Event

PGI's latest attempt to give us free stuff is so far an amazing success. Instead of tying points to kills or assists, they chose to go with the match score and because of this, this event is the easiest one so far. You only need to reach a match score of 30 (win or lose) to get a 100k or 150k (for hero 'Mechs) C-Bill bonus for each 'Mech class. You're limited to 20 eligible matches for each weight class and CW matches, which makes the prize a potential 15 million C-Bills.

They're also discounting hero 'Mechs to accompany this event. If you want a hero, this event is the perfect time to get one as they rarely discount heroes anymore since they started focusing on 'Mech packs. I personally snagged an Arrow along with a a Hellslinger which was gifted to me by a friend.

The event ends on March 17th, 10:00 AM PDT.

Competitive Stuff

MWO's first league with a decent prize money has put out their first update. It seems to be gathering traction well.

That's it for this Sunday folks! Enjoy the time you have before our Zeus and Grasshopper overlords arrive!
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