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Since I don't have anything special planned for today, I thought I'd post my recent noteworthy comments from the forums. Who knows, maybe we can start a discussion in the comments.

In Topic: Summoner B With Or Without Artemis IV

I'd suggest you to avoid mixed SRM/LRM builds, because you'll suck at doing both. Either go all-out for an LRM boat or an SRM brawler.

On the issue of Artemis, my experiences are the other way around. For Clan LRMs, the Artemis is almost worthless since the missiles come out and hit as a stream, giving the enemy chance to twist and spread damage. A tighter missile spread won't mean much when the enemy can simply twist when being LRM'd. The only advantage you'd get out of Artemis for LRMs is 50% less lock-on time.

For Clan SRMs though, the Artemis is almost mandatory. Clan SRMs spread much more than their IS counterparts, so without Artemis they suck at focusing damage.

In Topic: Clan Large Pulse Or Erppc?

C-LPL has a fairly long duration, but it becomes godly when you mount two on heavier Clan 'Mechs with lots of heatsinks. It's a great all-rounder that can be used as a brawling weapon or a mid-long range trader. It's not so great on smaller 'Mechs which suffer from the increased face-time. Though on a SCR/TBR/HBR/WHK with enough heatsinks and armor to face-tank, it's great. So much damage farm potential.

C-ERPPC is great if peeking is more of your style. It's a better killer than the C-LPL because of its instant damage delivery, but the damage output is limited due to its crippling heat. Therefore this weapon is strictly restricted to mid-long range sniping and support because you need some time to cool off between alphas. An C-ERPPC 'Mech is very susceptible to light harassment or straight out brawlers due to this. You can't afford to miss under stress.

In Topic: Mechs As Gifs

When you're in your fun 'Mech and the other team brings a tryhard deck:

In Topic: Mad Dog Or Hellbringer?

MDD: 60 tonner with the firepower of a 100 tonner. It's not an endurance brawler, but a ridiculous hitman. Needs impeccable positioning and timing to be effective. It's also a face-tanker instead of a torso twister. Will easily melt under concentrated fire.

HBR: All-round hill-humper and second line damage pumper. You'll do better right out of the bat with this, but there is only a handful of viable builds and they're pretty similar in gameplay (4xML+Gauss, 6xML, 5xML+LPL, 2xUAC5+4xML). It's considerably more survivable than the MDD and is more useful for the team with the ECM.

Honestly, as someone who likes brawling, the HBR gameplay is a bit boring for me. The MDD offers more choice in terms of gameplay roles, but it's also more challenging to do well with.
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