Builds from the Armory— The "all-rounder" Stormcrow

Do you think this is only a game? CW is serious business.
I don't play CW very often but when I do, I try to let go of my silly stuff and bring solid 'Mechs. In my experience CW rarely rewards experimentation. You fancy bringing your latest favorite, a brawler Summoner? Better leave it in the Mechlab. You can be damn sure that the other team will do their best to bring the most effective and annoying deck they can muster.

Anyways, when my unit wanted to do some CW drops I had to come up with some effective builds. I love the C-LPL, which I believe is one of the best weapons in Clan arsenal at the moment (if not the best). It's a weapon which is good at both close range and mid-long range with a damage almost as high as the C-ERPPC. Unfortunately my triple-LPL Timber turned out to be a horrible idea for obvious reasons(3xLPL takes too much tonnage and is very hard to cool), but the Stormcrow build below proved itself to be an absolute beast:

4xERSL+2xLPL cooled with 19DHS. This thing has the alpha of your standard laser vomit Timber Wolf (54 vs 46) at close range while being about 28% cooler per alpha so it's actually better suited for close range fights. It can also hold its own at long range with dual C-LPLs delivering 26 damage out to 600 meters. Without ERSLs, the build becomes even more heat efficient so you can sustain fire for a long time (perfect for CW hillhumping). I suggest you to take the C-ERSL range module (to add another 20m to optimal for a total of 220m) so you can be more effective at mid-ranges.

The gameplay is simple but it also has its rules. Alpha everything under 500-450m and switch to pure C-LPL action after 500m. When you hit the heat limit and you're not in hurry to kill anyone, wait a bit and alpha C-LPLs again. If you really need to output damage (kill or die situations) disregard C-LPLs and use C-ERSLs only. Depending on the map, you will actually cool down when using pure C-ERSL(3.75 h/s cooling vs  2.91 h/s) while still doing 20 damage per alpha. In a few seconds you will have enough heat capacity for another C-LPL alpha to finish your opponent off. It's awesome.

I love this build because of how flexible it is. It's effective at all ranges, it's heat efficient and it's extremely mobile. It's a great way to experience the SCR in its full glory.
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