What I think: "Must have 'Mechs" (In terms of being fun)

Somone on Reddit made a thread about which are the most have 'Mechs in terms of being fun. Here's my reply:
  • Atlas (S or D-DC): Being in someone's face and blasting with them 2 alphas. Your armor absorbs anything they throw at you and both you and your target knows that the death is certain. Leading pushes while absorbing ridiculous amounts of damage. Going down in a ball of flame and explosions. Everybody loses their shit when they see an Atlas charging in. The Atlas is a brawler and it's not a multifunctional Swiss Knife like the DW or the KGC, but oh boy does it brawl.
  • Locust-1E: Load-up this with SPLs and abuse its speed and acceleration/deceleration to the extreme. Being in a very fragile but potent 'Mech is a completely different experience. Yes, the death is only one mistake away but when you do well and outplay your opponents, it's incredibly satisfying. (Just watch this for an example).
  • BNC-3E/M: This is the most dangerous assault in the IS stable in my opinion. Yes it's not manly as an Atlas, but it usually can have loadouts that can still do really well in close-mid ranges. Plus, it looks really ugly but in a badass way (just like the A-10). The balance between speed/armor/firepower is spot on. I always take caution while engaging one because I know it'll hurt
  • CDA-3M: Forget the Raven. This is the ultimate lonewolf 'Mech. At 40 tons you can afford to mount at least one big weapon(lasers or a ballistic) while retaining a respectable speed. The ECM and the speed makes this 'Mech a slippery bastard.
  • Mad Dog: The 60 tonner that hits like a 100 tonner. It's horrible against mobile 'Mechs (SSRMs can change that though) but it's an excellent assault killer. I always get the same rush that I get from Locusts when playing this 'Mech. Yes, you are fragile but with some good positioning and timing mopping up 4-5 'Mechs in rapid succession isn't rare.
  • The Protector: The Orion is still an underdog, but I have a weird obsession with the Protector. The harpdoint layout is so flexible that you can go from a close-range face smasher to a long range Gauss/PPC sniper and do well at both. It lacks the speed but it can take a lot of punishment. It's a 'Mech that keeps on giving if you keep trying different things. I can't get enough of it.
  • BLR-1G/3S/GHE: I don't care about all the craze going on with the Stalkers, this is the best IS laser vomit for me. It's essentially a more mobile Banshee and tends to tank well with a big engine be that XL or STD. I always have a lot of fun piloting these and this is what I bring when my unit decides it's "business time". 1G for longer range vomit and 3S for closer range wubbening. I found out that the GHE is actually very decent SRM/ML brawler too.
  • SDR-5D/A: Remember what I said about the Locusts? Now think of a flying Locust but with less firepower. While it can't do much damage, the Spider is essentially a psychological weapon whose sole purpose is to annoy the heck out of people. It's hard to hit and it can quickly disappear using its jump jets but oh boy you'll now it's coming back eventually to work on that rear armor. A single SDR can hold up a whole enemy lance for minutes, removing essential 'Mechs from the frontline. It is definitely a roller coaster ride that everybody should experience and master.
  • TBT-7M/5J: Now, we take the Spiders and make them as tall as Atlases. The result is the infamous Treb but it plays exactly like the Spider with the addition of a good punching ability. It's definitely not survivable but at 100+ speeds with great air time, you can speed tank pretty much tank everything but the most devastating Gauss/PPC alphas. Piloting these things are very exhilarating but satisfying. Just ignore its LRM quirks and go for lasers and SRMs. Here's an example of me doing very well against solo puggies.
I have a few more but I don't have the time to add everything.
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