How I completed the public queue event

A few people asked me about what I used to complete the event on Twitter. The answer obviously depends on your playstyle and what 'Mechs you own, but I decided to expand upon what I did myself.

First, I started out with the "Brawlvomit" Timby as that was what I had been using for a few days. It's a close-medium range damage pumper with a nasty alpha that works really well, as long as the enemy cooperates. Though the range and the relative lack of punch at mid ranges soon got annoying. When I started playing, I saw that people were all playing to win with effective 'Mechs and min-max builds. Those definitely do not favor brawlers and I soon found myself forced to change my playstyle to compete.

Then, I decided to bring something with good ol' high mounted lasers and a big alpha. The 3xLPL BLR-1G was the obvious choice as it has a lot of mobility and cooling efficiency for something with a 55 alpha. However this time, I noticed that I was having trouble surviving on the field. The BLR can't torso twist well and has some trouble spreading damage. Since the average skill of the players in the public queue was better people also knew to target the side torso of a BLR (it has an XL). Then I realized I needed something with:
  • Good mobility to keep up with the frontline and GTF when needed.
  • A very high laser alpha that must be delivered as quick as possible (minimal face time).
  • High mounted hardpoints.
  • Good torso twist and a chassis that spreads damage naturally.
  • Lots of armor.
And the answer was the BNC-3M. It comes in many flavors but the LPLs are what turns this thing into a beast:

You basically use the small lasers to bump the LPLs to the shoulders, which gives you 3xLPL on the right and 2xLPL on the left. That's 55 alpha, but you need to pause at least 0.5 seconds between each group to avoid ghost heat.

With some smooth aiming, that's 55 damage delivered all the way out to 435 meters. It's enough to straight out rip side torsos off of mediums and damaged heavies, one-shot lights or 2-3 shot other assaults. The best thing is this is a highly mobile assault at 71KPH and it will keep up with the team no matter what.

It can also both hillhump or side-peek depending on the situation. The only weakness is of course the XL engine, but you must take that risk in events like this. In these events standard precautions like "Don't XL an Assault!" take a backseat. You must concentrate purely on firepower, mobility and armor in order. You get points for doing damage, not tanking damage after all. The events are a good time to set aside hipster builds and min-max the heck out of your 'Mechs.


There's also another build I'm working on (and used at the later stages of the tourney), but it's slightly harder to run compared to the 5xLPL build. This is effectively a "one-shotter". You lose some range and heat efficiency, but you gain a mighty alpha at close ranges. I'll probably talk about this in another post/video when I'm finished tinkering with it, but it's mighty fun one-shotting people left and right.

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