The Mauler — Hard to get into?

I A La Carte'd the Mauler last week (thanks to all who tipped), but I am yet to seriously play with it. I wanted to elite my Executioners first and then go back to the Grasshoppers to finish the article, but in the meanwhile I managed to spend some time in Mechlab, trying to come up with builds for my Mauler.

I don't know why but I'm having lots of difficulties coming up with interesting builds. Yes, I know 4xAC5, 5xAC5 or 4xUAC5 are effective builds but they sound a bit . . . boring to me. At least for the beginning. The Mauler has so many useful hardpoints and as soon as I start thinking of ways of using most of them I quickly get lost. This 'Mech feels like it's going to be really good when I crack it but so far it's proving really hard to do.

On that note, I wish AC2s and AC10s were worthwhile weapons. From my viewpoint only weapons worth mounting on this thing are (U)AC5s, Gauss and AC20. Maybe some dual LBX joke builds too. It really limits your choices.
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