Builds from the wild - The brutal DDC

Obligatory evolution picture with the last one facing others

The world of the solo queue is a mysterious one. With most of the higher-Elo players playing with groups, it's mostly populated by the bottom half of the Elo food chain. While this results in easier kills and pickings for the experienced players, it also means there are a lot of frustration and hair pulling should they find themselves on the wrong team.

Yesterday was especially a bad day for me and I don't remember being so frustrated and angry with pugs for a long time. I kept being placed with absolute green MechWarriors, who had neither the concept of positioning nor any idea about standard tactics for each map. Plus, most of them were seemingly incapable of reading the chat. I was grinding a new Shadowhawk(the 2D) built for brawling, so my impact on the game was closely tied with my teams competence. It wasn't a good day at all.

To vent off a bit and show you the random hilarity of the solo queue, I decided to start a new series; the "Builds from the wild". Here I will present you the worst builds I come across each week, starting with a DDC build.

This match was a quite hard one. The enemy had meta Timber Wolves, murderous Dire Whales, Catapults and Warhawks full to the brim with LRMs. The missile spam was unbearable and each of our flank attempts were thwarted by our lack of ECM. The enemy was slowly herding us to the tunnel entrance and with every step taken backwards we were getting close to our annihilation there. My pug senses were indicating an imminent streamroll.

Luckily the MM gods were kind. We silently agreed with my fellow brawlers Wolverine and Warhawk that something needed to be done by looking at each other and waving our arms. The brawler bros connection was made. Midway through the match we sensed a weakness on the tunnel side and we managed to push through, coming up behind their missile boats.They were apparently tunnel visioned by the hypnotizing red boxes on their screens. The hammer of justice fell swiftly on the LRM boats as they melted under our concentrated AC and SRM fire, much to the joy of our team, which was now relieved of LRM pressure. 

Though, our 3 'Mech push was quickly came to an end when the enemy meta Timbers and brawlers realized the score was evening out despite their successful push in the middle. Battered after killing a number of enemies including a Warhawk, a Dire Wolf and a Timber Wolf, we quickly melted away after their whole team turned around and descended on us. Still, the score was now even at 8-8. Totally worth it. We still had a DDC and a few others rallied behind him to pull off a win. Meanwhile the chat was going crazy with our dead warriors arguing about the ethics of intensive LRM usage.

Our dreams were quickly shattered as our team quickly fell apart as the enemy, now regrouping, fell on their side again. Our 'mechs were being taken down one by one and I was wondering why, as we had a near full-health DDC at the tunnel entrance. We had an Ace in the hole.

Then I switched to that guy to see what's up. Here's what I saw:

Speaking of Darwinism:
Notice anything suspicious? Let's take a closer look:

This is an Atlas DDC with a single ERPPC and an ALRM20.  Such is the life in the solo queue.

Needless to say the Darwin Award was handed to him swiftly, resulting in a quick loss. After a brief shock, I tried to communicate with the creator of this genius build, but sadly he left the match without uttering a word. I added him as a friend to explain about building an Atlas, but he is yet to accept my friend request.

May his build be forever remembered.

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