The Kit Fox is here, and a surprise Summoner

The Kit Fox is finally available for C-Bills! I was eagerly waiting for this cute little 'Mech, despite overwhelmingly negative comments about Clan lights in the past two months. I logged in just minutes after 7PM(when the patching occurs in CET) and immediately jumped into the store. I was about to change to battlemechs tab when I realized the Summoner had a C-Bill price as well. Something was wrong, they were supposed to be available for MC's only.

"Hmm what would happen if I tried to buy it?" followed by me departing with 14M C-Bills and I suddenly had a SMN-PRIME. Unfortunately I could only buy one, as I could not afford all three and buying a second would prevent me from getting three Kitty Foxes. I think it'll be my testbed for the Summoner and it should give me a pretty good idea about the characteristics of the chassis. Kudos to PGI for not making a big fuss about their mistake and letting us keep our Summoners.

I spent the rest of the evening with my KFX-PRIME, trying to get used to its speed and hitboxes. At first, it seemed like complete garbage but as I iterated on my builds and got more experience it really grew on me. I'll make a post about my impressions later today.
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