July Recap

July has been a busy month in Rak's Armory, there was a lot of excitement with the arrival of the new matchmaker and the Clan invasion was still fresh. With 16 posts, it's my busiest month ever even though my laptop decided to die half way through the month. At the end of the month, everything was brought to order again with the arrival of my new laptop though. I can even stream at a higher quality without having to stream at 25FPS! Hopefully August will just as be productive.

Here's a collection of content that I consider a good read if you missed them earlier.

TitleWhat's in it?
Builds from the wild - The brutal DDCA tongue-in-cheek post about the random hilarity of the solo queue.
Sunday nostalgia starring the AwesomeI take the Awesome out for a ride again, only two days before it receives its quirks, which was unkown to me at the time.
A few technical problems and how I fixed themApparently you can’t expect things to work smoothly with new computers even in 2014.
Build of the week - The "solo proof" Timber WolfA weird TBR build I had a lot of fun with in the solo queue.
Winning and funA conversation in a stream chat makes me why there is a separate “business time” and “fun time” in MWO.
Exploring the viability of XL400 — Banshee edition...I take a look at the engine everyone hates, the XL400 and see if it can be used in meaningful builds and ‘Mechs.
Rak's comments - Why do I play MWO?Ramblings about why MWO is so fun to me.
Paul's Q&A on Impaler's charity streamPaul stops by Impy's stream and answers questions.
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