A need for vent — The Matchmaker

PGI, this is wrong:

A matchmaking example:
Low Elo                                       Low Elo
Low Elo                                       Medium Elo
Low Elo                                       Medium Elo
High Elo                                       Medium Elo
Medium Elo                                 Medium Elo
Low Elo                  equal to         Medium Elo
Low Elo                                       Low Elo
Low Elo                                       Low Elo
Low Elo                                       Medium Elo
Low Elo                                       High Elo
Very high Elo                               Low Elo
Very high Elo                               Very low Elo

These are NOT equal teams. Team 2 will roll team 1 unless two Very high Elo guys in Team 1 are in their meta boats and carry hard for their teams. Anything less and it results in a stomp.

This is definitely not fun. I hate to say, but I'm missing the old days with groups in the queue. Yes, there were a lot of stomps(we still have them anyway), but at least the teams I got were competent. People had a basic understanding of positioning and tactics and when we lost horribly, we usually lost because one team brought an unbalanced deck. Not because our players were horribly incompetent.

Now with the groups separated from the solo queue, and most of the better players playing in the group queue, I'm just not feeling it in the solo queue anymore. Being forced to shoulder the team in damage and kills, trying to herd them in the chat is just too much.

This is preventable and I really want this to be improved.
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