Sudden Mechporn Pt.2 — It happened again!

Today it happened again. This time, I immediately cranked up my settings and started enjoying the feast. Now, if only I can solve the mystery of how am I doing this . . . anyways, enjoy!

A Commando was attracted to my motionless 'Mech.
Meet BLARG, my latest obsession in Assault category.
'Mechs look really big when you view them from the ground level. This Mad Cat looks really intimidating.
The Shadowhawk is one of the best looking 'Mechs out there.
A Dire Wolf wading through heavy artillery fire.
Evasive maneuvers!
Our Sumonner was caught in the cross fire. It's a tanky 'Mech . . .
. . . but it can only tank for so long.
Interestingly this Phoenix BLR wasn't in a Mechbay, gathering dust.
Enemy Dire Wolf was looking proud . . .
Until our light squad caught up with him.

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