Ninja hitbox-pass on Quickdraws?

I was browsing the Hitbox-Localisation thread on the forums when it occured to me that something was different with the Quickdraw hitboxes. I remember the CT being huge, even more disproportionate compared to ST's than the Jenner's. Yet, these new hitbox images show a smaller CT hitbox with a unique "ST belt" added. Here's what I mean:

New hitboxes with the "belt"

Old hitboxes without the "belt"
I don't know the exact date when this happened, but the hitboxes look pretty good to me now. Most of the upper torso is dominated by ST hitboxes(and frankly that's where people aim for) which should enhance its survivability. It's also clear that to take out a QKD quickly, you need to shoot for its crotch.

I haven't been playing with my Quickdraws, but this actually got me excited for them again.
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