Battlemaster first impressions

The new patch is out and Battlemasters are unlocked for us peasants without Phoenix packages. Tonight I played about 10 games in my new shiny Blarg, and I also streamed for about 1.5 hours while I got familiar with them. Unfortunately my OBS runs rather unstable and my VODs are bit divided, but here's a one hour chunk out of the stream.


So, my first impressions? I'll be really brief and save my words for a longer review.
  • I like how a lot of E hardpoints enable you to do hard-hitting yet, low tonnage builds. Letting you cram a big engine and a lot of heatsinks in there. The one I used on the stream had a STD340, 23DHS and comes with 40 alpha.
  • Hitboxes react well to torso twisting.
  • Arms tend to block a lot of damage.
  • High mounted torso E slots allow perfect hull-down shots.
  • Arm motion range is good.
  • Torso twist range. It's very limited.
  • Torso twist speed, you can barely keep up with lights.
  • Again, mobility. It's movement archetype seems to be the biggest one, it's very annoying getting stuck everywhere.
Some of these problems will disappear when I elite it, but there you go. I'm kind of regretting not getting the Phoenix package, since I can see myself playing with my Blargs a lot.

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