Russ confirmed to be an MWO Hipster

I was listening to the latest NGNG Podcast and when Russ was asked about how he feels like about the Clans and especially the Summoner, he replied:

". . . I've kinda become a sort of clan-hater almost, I just feel like I can't become one. I must stick and protect and defend and I don't know, change my gameplay(to adapt). It's going to be tough for me to go and play that. 

I see those kinds of guys who say that 'Quickdraw sucks!'. So what do I do? But a better example from the beginning maybe, 'Dragon sucks'. So what I play is Dragon. 'Quickdraw sucks!' then all I play is Quickdraws.

I don't know I'm just one of those guys who take the mechs and builds that suck and I just want to show them that I can play and do good in them to the degree I can.

That's just how I am so it probably plays into the Clan thing. I'm an underdog guy I suppose when it comes down to it. So I'm just going to defend Inner Sphere for a while . . ."

That bolded part brought tears to my eye. I always imagined him as the guy who would go for the most OP stuff. Russ,we're bros for life now.

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