"Subtle changes to the matchmaker"

If you haven't noticed, the matchmaker was "loosened up" on last Wednesday. What it means is, it's less strict about Elo ranges now and instead tries to fill slots as fast as possible.

The story behind this is actually quite funny; on NGNG's 100th Podcast, JagerXII asked Russ about long waiting times in high Elo range. Russ replied he wasn't aware of the problems they were having and said he would instruct the people responsible to ease the matchmaker Elo restrictions a bit. Lo and behold, even though the competitives were complaining about this for months now, the changes were squeezed into the matchmaker the next day. Turns out it's not about communicating through proper channels, but it's about who you know folks!

Anyway, after about 4 days, I decided I'm not OK with this. The quality of matches I've been getting were mostly bad; terrible teammates, terrible enemies . . . it's obvious I'm getting into matches with more newbies than I'm used to. I don't know you, but my matches are much less challenging. I really don't enjoy killing the hordes of trial mechs who have no idea what's going on, or that guy who bought an Atlas with all his cadet bonuses who gives up fighting against my circling Dragon and starts ignoring me as I rip him apart, or those light mechs who blindly rush into our main group and get vaporized. I haven't had those fights where I could see the right motive after every move of my enemies in brawls during these four days.

Do I find matches easier? Sure. No more timeouts and long searches. Do I enjoy easy kills and less competent teammates/opponents? Absolutely not.
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