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Lutz is not happy that meat is off the menu now
Not long after the Elo adjustment, the outcry of the PUG folks were heard and even after defending his decision in a Command Chair post, Paul adjusted the matchmaker again. Here's what he wrote:
"Touching on Elo again. Recently the reduction in wait times that you have noticed was due to the Elo threshold for searching players being increased from 1000 to 2300. After reviewing metrics, this was not needed to be this wide. We are going to run a test (which goes live without having to patch) at setting this to 1400. As of 11:30AM Pacific time, we set it to 1400 and are letting the numbers adjust so we can look at as broad of a spectrum as possible."
This morning, I played three games to test it and the results were very satisfying. Although I failed about 2 times, I had much more intensive matches as my teammates and enemies were more experienced. I observed no champion mechs in both teams(might just be my luck) and nobody blindly rushing and "feeding" themselves into the enemy during the first couple of minutes. Instead, there was the usual poptarting followed by mighty brawls.

Obviously I need to test more before coming to a conclusion, but so far so good. I don't mind failing a few times as long as I get good games with challenging opponents.
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